1. Integrity
We insist on Integrity, that is the basic warranty for our company to live in distribution areas forever. We promise to provide customer component with great quality. We also do our best to make sure customer out of risk when doing business with us. Gaining trust from customer is biggest target of our work.
a. Offering the reliable information to customers. Make our customer know more about the condition of parts clearly. Mutually beneficial to
    each other
b. In order to reduce the commercial risk and increase margins from business for customers. We can offer enough days warranty that
    customers request.
2. Strength
Through out 12 years hard working, we get most of global agent resources for the famous IC brands.
a. As the long terms cooperation with famous IC brand agents, we can offer customers the high quality parts with low price.
b. We have more than 200K part no. in our stock. It includes Automotive ICs, Motherboard and chips Programmable Logic Devices and
3. Professional
We have 12 years experience in IC Component business, and never give up. We are familiar with all the productions which ever Brands made.
Even the parts are COLD, we can help you to get it and solve the problem.
We have professional electronic engineers team who are used to solve the technological problems to save time and money for our customer.
We own professional inspecting machines to avoid the remarked or fake parts reaching our customer’ hands.
4. Experience
As the distributor for 12 years, we have known about customer’s requirement from international business clearly. So we are able to find out and solve
the problems in time, reducing customer’s lost , making sure the business going well and our customer having good mood for next business.
5. Services
Everyone at Shenzhen Fuxin Micro Semiconductor Co., Ltd. with high responsibility. Our duty is to service the customers, resolving the problem that existed or maybeexisted well in time. to reach Customers’ satisfaction.
We work all the day, wherever you are, whenever you want to inquire, we are always at your service.
All good service can not apart from moral quality. Every employee who wants to join in our company must be with professional skills and moral quality.
6. Honor
a.One of the Top Independent Distributors in China.
b.The Member of Electronic Engineering Technology Magazine.
c.Integrity Member of Sun Asia Market (the biggest Electronic Center in China).
d.Gold ISCP Member of The Broker Forum.
e.2010 Sponsor of The Broker Forum.
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