Strategic objectives:
With the great financing and well credit standing, we own numerous real stock, steady suppliers, and build up a good business relationship with the famous domestic firms, as well as the foreign clients in occident, Asia, etc. We insist on high-class standard, to build Shenzhen Fuxin Micro Semiconductor Co., Ltd.. into one of the outstanding world-classy IC component distributors, and for employees and clients to create more social value, reach multi-win situation

Management Thinking:
1. Create a learning organization,To Fuxin Micro Semiconductor ,learning organization is the prerequisite for continuous innovation,is the key to Increase
    competitiveness in the industry.
2. Create a team with Unity, Friendly and Mutual Aid
3. Create a harmonious working atmosphere, encourage employees to participate in healthy competition and progress together.

Business concept:
Integrity: the credibility is a key source for corporate’s life , is the basic for Fuxin Micro Semiconductor’s long-term goal Professional: keep professional, own excellence. Professional is the basic to Fuxin Micro Semiconductor creating more wealth for customers.

Innovation: in a highly competitive environment, innovation is the only way out of business risk , is the source of long-termdevelopment
for Fuxin Micro Semiconductor

Win-Win-Win: Basic conditions for survival of the company is have a good social environment and adequate customer relationships. Satisfaction with the community, Create wealth for Customer , Developing Company is the Fuxin Micro Semiconductor’s biggest Business Objective.
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